Get in the TalkZone

Spec Furniture enters the privacy pod market with TalkZone, a haven of silence and solitude that also happens to look great.

Spec Furniture TalkZone green/blue

Perhaps the crucial element here is the 12mm-thick PET fiber acoustic panels that blanket the interior—with 50% recycled content and choice of bold or neutral colors.

Spec Furniture TalkZone navy

The exterior is customizable as well—with a nearly endless variety of laminates. Other standard features include 10mm tempered self-closing glass door with hydraulic hinge, motion-sensor LED light and fans, interior carpeting, standing-height worktable, and integrated power and data. The stainless steel handle may be specified on right or left.

Spec Furniture TalkZone white

TalkZone is a worthy new entry into the growing market for privacy in open office schemes: “a place to collect your thoughts, take an important call, or work on a critical project.”

Spec Furniture TalkZone green/blue in office with table nearby

Check out Spec Furniture to read more. And go to Designer Pages Media for other great privacy pods.

Posted January 26, 2021 by Joseph Starr

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