Spacestor Saves Space and Looks Good Doing It

Spacestor Saves Space and Looks Good Doing It

Spacestor takes the workplace by storm with a bevy of seating, storage, and privacy options, from the flagship Railway Carriage Classic to the tried and true Palisades II partition walls.

Spacestor Palisades II partition walls steel-frame system with no added components in nice workspace

The Railway Carriage Classic is revolutionizing workplace privacy. A space-saving solution to the challenges of the open office, the Railway Carriage Classic provides a quick and comfy place for collaboration and focused work. Its minimal footprint conserves space and keeps down costs. And it’s acoustically engineered for noise reduction.

Spacestor Railway Carriage Classic yellow upholstery with white table adjoining units inhabited by one man in each

Residence Work is like the Railway Carriage Classic intensified. A fully enclosed soundproof pod, it features acoustic laminated glass and baffles, a soft-seal door close, power socket, LED lighting, and ventilation to keep the environs fresh and healthy. Multiple colors and finishes are available in this respite for focused work.

Spacestor Residence Work Privacy Pod in laminated wood. Two units with a woman on the phone in each.

Palisades II is a partition and storage system that toes the line between public and private. Providing an impromptu way to divvy up space and create a visual barrier, Palisades II is an ideal element of a flexible workspace. Shelving, lockers, lighting, whiteboards, and even biophilic moss panels provide multiple options to configure and reconfigure space.

Spacestor Palisades II partition walls steel-frame system with shelving components holding books, plants, and other items behind orange lounge and ottoman

Building on the success of the Palisades line, Palisades Luxe is a modular, movable, stackable partition system with a slick mid-century aesthetic. Accessories include shelves, open alcoves, alcoves with back, and mirrors. Spacestor offers Palisades Luxe in five vibrant colors.

Spacestor Palisades Luxe partition system. Wire frame system with shelves containing various items in room with table and television monitor

Lastly, Bleachers is modular seating with an intuitive bent and a playful aesthetic. The concept is engaging and fun. With 41 upholstery colors, various sizes, and dynamic components like cubbies, seat pads, and foot plates, Bleachers invites participation, promoting customization and creativity in the process.

Spacestor Bleachers modular seating with light wood laminate and orange seat pads with a man and woman talking

To find out more about the entire range of products see Spacestor. And if you’re in N.Y., check out their recently opened flagship showroom (designed by Gensler, no less) on the Second Floor at 460 Park Avenue South.

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