Polyp Pendant

Justin Bailey’s Polyp Pendant follows in the tradition of naturalistic, quirky, organic form that we can perhaps trace back to Dima Loginoff’s Male.

Polpy pendant five lights in different colors

Though certainly not as overt as Loginoff’s tribute to the masculine, Bailey’s Polyp does connote a certain sexuality, even if it’s just in the basic sense of exuberant propagation: “The fruiting form of apples, pears, lemons, and more inspire through their patterns of growth and natural quirks.”

Polyp four pendants in off white

I also see gourds here, perhaps appropriately enough given the coming harvest season and considering that Polyp has a kind of dark, celebratory aspect that puts me in mind of the aesthetic of Tim Burton and the Halloween season.

Three pendant lights in a gray tone with red at top

Polyp also offers a lesson on wise resource use and sustainability. The simple palette of materials includes yupo paper, which is 3D print with recycled PET-G, and a standard LED bulb.

Polyp view from beneath, detail

The pendants flat-pack and are assembled without hardware or glue. Simmons says they’re “digitally sculpted and algorithmically assisted”—a humble take on a visionary light and an enlightened form or production.

Four different-colored lights hung at different heights

Read more about Justin and the Polyp Pendant here.

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