Dima Loginoff’s Male: Leading the Way in Lighting

Acclaimed as a hairstylist, photographer, animator, videographer, web designer, product designer and interior designer, Dima Loginoff, the young Russian designer-about-Moscow, just recently graduated from the Moscow School of Design and the British Rhodec School of Interior Design. His career however, is well underway. Although you may not recognize his name (quite yet), you’ve likely seen some of his work.  He’s not afraid to push boundaries with his unique sense of style and his pieces can invoke laughter, encourage contemplation and generally make you smile.

Male. Designed by Dima Loginoff.

There’s obviously something about lighting design and sexual innuendos: take V/a.g.r.a. for instance, the light that very literally rises up when turned on. Loginoff’s Male moves beyond allusions and function-based concepts into “biomimicry”, if you will. Male is a celebration of nature, in all its glory. The suspension lamp concept, designed to be made in a natural breathable fiber, doesn’t overlook the details. The texture (veins) on this sculptural work could be set into the fiber material via a maché technique.  Two-energy saving lamps sit within the form, lighting up the entirety of the Male shape. When asked the question, “What inspired you to create Male?”, Loginoff politely responded, rather obviously, with something along the lines of “use your imagination.”  Now, the question remains: in what atmosphere is Male appropriate?  I would personally have a hard time hanging this above my dining table, or in the bedroom for that matter.  And, for all single males, this is potentially too much of a conversation starter for your bachelor pad.  But, that being said, in certain locales (beyond the neighborhood strip joint) I am convinced the crowd would find it amusing.


Male. Designed by Dima Longinoff.


Male. Designed by Dima Longinoff.


Male. Designed by Dima Longinoff.


Curl My Light. Designed by Dima Loginoff.


Curl My Light. Designed by Dima Loginoff.

Loginoff’s “Curl My Light” table lamp won second prize at the International Design Awards in Los Angeles.  Although the basic outlines follows conventional lamp form, the materiality and structure do not.  The shade and base are woven into one, minus the solidity we’ve become accustomed to with each of these elements.  The lamp cord is no longer an unrelated extremity but instead more or less spirals into the lamp itself.  The loops and curls sketch out the form of a traditional table lamp.  Loginoff’s Amourette Lamp is another interpretation of this lighting concept, made from a series of larger strips and used as a hanging lamp.

For another lighting design by Dima Loginoff, check out Trunk, his suspension lamp modeled after the trunk of an elephant.  Loginoff’s work in the furniture sector includes the Anomaly Bench, Vassili, a high back chair modeled after pieces from the Russian Rococo era, the anatomy inspired Bone Lounge.

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