New Shade for the LightArt Collection

New Shade for the LightArt Collection

LightArt expands on 2022’s Ocean Coil collection of pendant shades made from recycled ocean waste with the new Marina. Exhibiting a lovely greenish hue, Marina joins Sea Foam and Seagrass as stock color options for this auspicious collection.

Marina 1 bulbous shape

For a bit of a refresher, Ocean Coil is LightArt’s collaboration with Oceanworks, the largest global marketplace for recycled plastics. The materials for the pendants come from single-use plastic bags and water bottles, in addition to discarded fishing nets, trawls, and ropes. Sea Foam is comprised of bottles and bags, while Seagrass the fishing materials, hence, the different colors. Marina is a combination of the two: “a new iteration blending a unique mix of reclaimed ocean plastic to create a blue-greenish hue similar to sea glass.”

Sea Foam spherical pendant above credenza
Seagrass pendant
Marina O3 shape

In addition to the new color, LightArt is offering a new shape. Ocean Coil 03 (shown above) is a spherical pendant in two sizes that adds some nice volume to the line. All lights in the collection are made from 100% reclaimed ocean plastic.They feature a PVC-free cord and are finished with TGIC-free, powder-coated hardware. Each fixture diverts up to three pounds of ocean-bound and near-shore waste.

Marina family three shapes in different sizes

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