Organized Complexity by Luum

Organized Complexity by Luum

While many readers may see the name Organized Complexity and think it refers to their way of thinking (or their office), it is actually the name of a new textile collection by Luum. Designed by Suzanne Tick, Organized Complexity includes six textiles “that observe how humans connect in relationship to nature’s dynamism.”

Limitless Loop textile by Luum

Limitless Loop is a chunky little wonder of a fabric with dimensional quilting. Some colors feature contrasting stitching, which emphasizes the soft geometry of loops and lines.

Milieu fabric

Milieu is a recycled chenille fabric with soft striations and a matte surface. It comes in 27 colors, including soft neutrals and vivid brights.

Intraweb fabric by Luum

A 100% recycled, biodegradable polyester textile, Intraweb features a 3-color pattern that “references the impact of communication on social systems.” Intraweb uses a bio-catalyst additive and biodegrades in anaerobic environments in 3.5 years.

Organized Complexity textiles

See the entire Organized Complexity Collection at Luum. Or check out Earthly Artifacts, another Luum collection.

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