Luum Earthly Artifacts

Luum Earthly Artifacts

A high-concept textile collection inspired by the epochal interactions between humans and the earth, Earthly Artifacts makes good on it’s ambition to “examine the impact and expression of nature’s organizing principles.”

Swatches of textile in development phase

The collection is comprised of four different textiles. Geoglyph pays homage to artworks made with elements of the earth, often created by ancient civilizations for the purpose of trapping migratory animals or organizing land into encampments.

detail of Geoglyph textile in three different colors

Geoglyph portrays an irregular gird pattern that evokes the look of landscapes from a panoramic view, depicting erosion or other human impacts on the earth. It’s made of 98% polypropylene and 2% polyester fabric.

Geoglyph in yellow on chair

Next, Pebble Melange offers a heathered, multi-colored surface, conveying eclectic art forms and the use of mixed media like pebbles, as well as clay, sand, and shells.

Pebble melange from Earthly Artifacts collection iin gray

Particulate offers a cleaner and more refined look. This is a high-performing, high-UV and indoor/outdoor multi-purpose textile appropriate for upholstery, wrapped walls, and panels. Particulate reflects the colors of dawning days and setting suns, with a palette of warm neutrals, vibrant greens, rich charcoals, and a subtle pink.

Particulate detail with subtle texture and peach/pink/red tones

Lastly, Megacheck is a 100% recycled cationic and dispersed polyester fiber textile that features an interplay of light and dark via contrasting warp/weft threads. This 100%-recycled-polyester textile “transforms spaces with a soft, textured sensation.”

Earthly Artifacts Megacheck in five colors

In its evocation of the complex web of relationships the human presence creates with nature, Earthly Artifacts reflects both the unintended and purposeful artistic imprints we leave on the earth: “Abstract and representational, the collection tells the story of topography through the lens of human intervention and the collective form of many individual paths.”

Earthly Artifacts collectioin swatches in many colors

Read more about Earthly Artifacts and Luum Creative Director Suzanne Tick at Luum Textiles.

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