Bubbles inside and out: Maison Valentina’s Newton Bathtub

Bubbles inside and out: Maison Valentina’s Newton Bathtub

No one’s accusing Maison Valentina of undue restraint.

Newton bathtub in decadent room with ocean/water design on the walls

Quite the opposite, the Newton bathtub is an unabashed gesture, a garish yet wonderful splashing of the canvas, a celebration of form and texture and bubbles!

Detail of glossy bubbles

A gold-lined beauty with the most original exterior adornment you’ll ever see, Newton makes the bath an entirely immersive experience. The black lacquer globes that surround the tub are also a metaphorical surrounding of a sort, evoking the other-worldliness of the consummate bubble bath.

View from above of tub interior

And if the dark, decadent vibe isn’t your thing, Maison Valentina offers up Newton in a light and bright brand too, a bubble-gum palette with pink, yellow, lavender, baby blue, and mint.

Newton bathtub with mint-colored bubbles

Maison Valentina puts it this way: “A sumptuous universe… the air fills you with an intriguing mystery, where darkness and luxury dance beautifully, beckoning you to immerse yourself in a magnificent bathing experience.”

Newton tub with Melt chandelier

Find out more at Maison Valentina.

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