Arina Komarova’s Egg Shower Concept Redefines Hygiene

The modern mentality with regards to cleanliness: enclose in a container and douse it with hot water. Skeptical? Think about your dishwasher or washing machine. Now, scale it up and replace your dishes (or clothing) with yourself. Arina Komarova’s Egg Shower concept entirely cocoons its user within glass sides. Personal hygiene rises to a new level. While it’s a bit sci-fi, or at least futuristic (perhaps even too much so for your house?) it offers a shower, bathtub and hydro massage all in one, complete with a customizable lighting system to alter the mood.

Egg Shower. Designed by Arina Komarova.

A rain style shower is centered overhead, along with the LED lighting system, making both the internal and external experience more entertaining – its user can enjoy a shower with ambience while a spectator will appreciate the entertainment. When (and if) Komarova’s design accelerates from concept to reality – you could be bathing in new ways (assuming your bathroom is quite sizeable). Despite its rather generous scale of the Egg Shower (also referred to as Cocoon Shower), it was probably not designed with claustrophobia in mind. So if you in fact suffer from an abnormal fear of being enclosed spaces, steer clear.



There seems to be a trend of exposed, freestanding forms serving as platforms for activity. Consider Matali Crasset’s Aequorea, part of the Préliminaires exhibit at Slott Gallery, that effectively serves as a platform for sexual experimentation. Although Komarova’s Egg Shower concept seems to have a hygienic slant – its mood lighting might suggest other uses as well.

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