Custom Comforts from GROHE

Custom Comforts from GROHE

The latest innovation in customized bath/shower control comes from GROHE. No big surprise—the company is consistently on the leading age of bathroom technology.

GROHE smart control shown in use with shower and finger pressing one of the buttons

Rapido SmartBox and SmartControl represent a symbiotic approach. The first is the beautiful and streamlined trim that accommodates push-button control for three different taps. The second is the brains behind the lovely exterior.

GROHE Rapido SmartBox and SmartControl split picture showing both elements

This new technology eliminates the need for multiple rough-ins to change pressure and temp. for different spouts: rain head, hand shower, tub spout, and body sprays.

GROHE Rapido SmartControl trim shown installed in tub and shower in bathroom with gray and maroon walls

With GROHE SmartControl, each of these can be controlled from one location, and the intuitive symbols make it easy: push the button to start and stop the flow; turn the dial to increase/decrease water volume.

GROHE Rapido SmartBox detail with hand turning dial for bathtub control

The Rapido SmartBox comes in two shapes and various finishes, including chrome, brushed nickel, and acrylic glass.

GROHE Rapido SmartBox circular and square profiles shown side by side

See GROHE to find out more.

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