Veniceland Textiles for Rubelli by Gabriel Pacheco

Veniceland Textiles for Rubelli by Gabriel Pacheco

Take a tour through history via the imaginative landscape of designer Gabriel Pacheco’s Veniceland: a fanciful amalgamation of the mythic and the real that brings to life revered icons of the city of canals.

Detail of Venice icons floating on water

The gang’s all here, as it were, for those who know the reference points anyway, with a hyper-real depiction of gondolas, bricola, carnival masks, picturesque bridges—in short, all the infrastructure and architecture that has earned Venice its place among the pantheon of great cities.

Detail ladies on platforms

Of course, what is Venice if not a city of the imagination? Pacheco’s multi-faceted print is exceedingly imaginative, depicting a fantastical realm in which the city’s walkways and therefore its very inhabitants seem to convey themselves along by floating above and on the water.

Detail lion and lady

Veniceland is sure to steal the scene in any application: from upholstery to curtains to wallcovering. See Rubelli to find out more.

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