Savvy Streetscapes with the Sinus Bench

Savvy Streetscapes with the Sinus Bench

mmcité proposes adorning their home town of Prague and cities across the globe as well with the Sinus bench.

Sinus bench in light blue with hedges nearby

Translated to English as “Sine,” Sinus evokes the wave-like curve across the x-y axis that you’ll remember (or perhaps not) from high school trigonometry.

bench seating shown indoor various shades of blue

Here, the term refers to these ingenious trapezoidal benches made of rigid steel sheet.

Sinus in light yellow on public walkway

The weight makes them self-supporting and the perforated design nods to a common motif from the 60s. Also, if cold steel on a frigid day isn’t your thing, the shock value can be modulated with custom-fitted “Citépin”—plastic plug-style inserts that will take off the chill.

Outdoor bench seating on public plaze

In keeping with mmcité’s aim to enliven the world by changing the face of its cities, Sinus comes in a rainbow of opportunistic colors. Thus equipping users to hit the right note, whether the goal is enlivening the drear of Oslo in February or tempering the heat of Madrid in August.

Sinus bench in a medley of bright colors in a park

Check out mmcité for more.

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