Design Miami 2018: Dommus Suite by Joseph Walsh

Design Miami 2018: Dommus Suite by Joseph Walsh

The Dommus Suite of sculptural furniture by Joseph Walsh is now on view at Design Miami 2018 at the Sarah Myerscough Gallery booth.

Joseph Walsh, who is a self-taught designer from County Cork, Ireland, focuses on one-of-a-kind and limited-edition pieces. To call his work furniture is reductive at best.

Although Walsh’s pieces offer functionality and attention to craft, they are more akin to works of art. With spellbinding sinuous lines and captivating areas of empty space, Dommus Suite transcends the category of furniture.

These lounge benches and tables in bleached ash extend the Dommus line, which previously included impossibly curved, ribbon-like dining chairs.
group of armless sculptural dining chairs in bleached ash
For more information, visit Sarah Myerscough.
glass dining table surrounded by armless chairs in bleached ash

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