John Eric Byers’ Open Form Table for Jeb Jones

One might rightly approach with suspicion any product making prominent use of the term "gouged," since the word's most typical connotation involves b-rate horror films. But as it turns out, there's a higher calling for this evocative descriptor; specifically, as it pertains to designer John Eric Byers' highly textural Open Form Table Collection.

Open Form Tables. Designed by John Eric Byers for Jeb Jones.

The Open Form Table is a Textural Tour de Force

In Byers' usage, "gouged" refers to the interesting and intricate approach to the table's construction. Open Form is made from pure hardwood exclusively sourced in the good old U.S.A., and Byers' has left his singular mark on the archetypal surface in the form of the multiple linear striations that define both sides.

In this case, "both sides" refers to inside as well as out, as the tables' exposed interior is a virtual carbon copy of the exterior, with the "gouged" surface reminding me of both wainscoting and the tell-tale grooves on that old packaging mainstay known as corrugated cardboard.

The feature gives Open Form a signature aesthetic-a visual and textural appeal that's edgy yet familiar enough to make it compatible with a variety of decorative styles. And Open Form's textural feast is matched by a visual cornucopia as well. The piece comes in your choice of eight vibrant colors: Bayberry Green, Salem Red, Federal Blue, Chocolate Brown, Buttermilk White, Pumpkin Orange, Mustard Yellow, and Pitch Black. Open Form is available as a low table or coffee table/bench.

Open Form Table by John Eric Byers for Jeb Jones

Open Form Table by John Eric Byers for Jeb Jones

John Eric Byers' Open Form Table for Jeb Jones

About the Manufacturer: Jeb Jones does its take on "American Colonial meets High Modern" from the very fitting locale of upstate New York. The homegrown company's material of choice is select American Hardwood, hand-picked for the fabrication of "designs distinguished by simple geometric forms, traditional construction methods, hand tooled surfaces and hand finishing." All of Jeb Jones products feature environmentally-safe, VOC-free finishes, whether hand-painted, hand-rubbed opaque, or clear-coat.

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