Porcelanosa and XTONE Offer Sintered Stone in an Impressive Palette of Alpinus White

Porcelanosa and XTONE Offer Sintered Stone in an Impressive Palette of Alpinus White

Exclusively from Porcelanosa, XTONE sintered stone is a versatile and beautiful solution for both indoor and outdoor applications. With a wide range of finishes and thicknesses, and an extensive format, XTONE sintered stone redefines possibilities in design.

Sintered stone in white/cream/black color palette on walls and kitchen island

The new Alpinus White design is a creamy and dreamy palette of swirling whites, taupes, browns, and blacks—a stunning take on Brazilian stone that’s also a versatile palette for various aesthetics.

Alpinus White detail

The magic of Alpinus White lies not just in its visual appeal, but also in its conscientious production. Crafted within Porcelanosa’s cutting-edge facilities, the surfaces reflect a commitment to sustainability. Utilizing 4475 solar panels for energy and employing water treatment and recycling methods, the production process aligns with eco-conscious principles.

Alpinus White from XTONE sintered stone on island and walls

Nor do the perks end there. By combining the qualities of quartz, granite, and porcelain, sintered stone boasts an ultra-compact and dense composition—with almost no porosity, it’s resistant to stains and other blemishes. And durable enough for nearly any application.

Sintered stone display in kitchen, island, bench seating

Alpinus White comes in 160 x 320 cm slabs at 6 mm thick. Finish options include Textured and Natural. See XTONE for more information and to experience the different ways individual slabs can be made to dialogue with one another via the impressive pattern finder for “infinite continuous design.”

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