Norbert Wangen’s B14 Bathroom System is the Bomb

So much has been written and said about Norbert Wangen's K2 kitchen design for manufacturer Boffi, that it's easy to forget the man is still working-currently producing new and exciting designs that transcend the confines of cooking. Of course, the bathroom isn't the social butterfly that the kitchen tends to be (at least not in my house), but that doesn't mean it can't be the locality of equally fulfilling revelations.

Bathroom epiphanies are of a decidedly different bent than those of kitchens; thus, Wangen's recent B14 Bath System (also for Boffi) won't draw the same kind of adulation as K2, which "revolutionized kitchen design." Even so, the concept is worthy of a good solid paragraph of praise, so here goes...

B14. Designed by Norbert Wangen.

B14 shows the same kind of functional simplicity and aesthetic good sense as Wangen's earlier K2. The cabinetry/understructure is solid and clean, exhibiting a no-frills look that appeals to modern sensibilities. The countertop's rounded edges facilitate the handle-free design, the 60-degree inclination of the bottom edge providing a seamless and intuitive introduction to a hardware-free bathroom. Pair the white Cristalplant tops with your choice of white Corian or wood veneer. The former accentuates the uniform look of B14's hands-free aesthetic, while the latter provides some striking contrast.

Norbert Wangen's B14 Bathroom System is the Bomb

Norbert Wangen's B14 Bathroom System is the Bomb

B14 is another notch in Wangen's laurel-studded belt: it augments his reputation as a minimalist auteur while expanding his repertoire beyond the fun and fuss of the kitchen and into the serenity of this most intimate place of repose. And while it may be tempting to attribute all of this success to Wangen alone, the designer is the first to credit manufacturer Boffi for the time-tested collaboration: "Boffi is the finest kitchen and bathroom manufacturer with a history and a global reach... they are true professionals in their handling and also their wonderful spaces provide a perfect backdrop to frame the products."

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