Gorgeous Quartz Countertops from Caesarstone’s Supremo Line

Back in the day when I was young enough to be mystified and enchanted by something as mundane as a chunk of rock in the path, I was a frequent admirer of quartz—its engaging synthesis of iridescence and solidity, its muted tones of mauve, silver and cream. Even so, I never imagined it as a material of rarefied value like granite or marble. Lucky for us all that Caesarstone did. The company’s latest Supremo line “combines exceptional design with innovative technology… these new surfaces exemplify what makes Caesarstone so special.”

Supremo Quartz countertop. Manufactured by Caesarstone.

Casesarstone’s Supremo Line is the Creme de la Creme of Quartz Surface

For those in need of a brief refresher, Caesarstone is a most versatile material comprised of 93% natural quartz. It’s extremely hard; non-porous (so it doesn’t require sealing); naturally resistant to stains, scratches, and chemical agents; and virtually maintenance free.

Supremo Quartz Countertop. Manufactured by Caesarstone.

The Supremo line ups the ante on the material’s appeal. Modeled on the various and variegated forms of nature, Supremo offers an expansive color palette and impressive stylistic range. With options like the snow white of Swan Lake, the precious pearly configurations of Fair Lady, and the darkly beautiful allure of the ebony Queen of Sheba, consumers can find something for any upscale design scheme.

Supremo Quartz Countertop. Manufactured by Caesarstone.

Indeed, all eight of the offerings in the Supremo line evoke Caesarstone’s unique brand of lifestyle luxe: “with their very own spectacular flow of color and pattern, this patented new technology is unique only to Caesarstone… with its natural look and feel, no two Supremo surfaces are alike.”

Supremo Quartz Countertop. Manufactured by Caesarstone.

As with all Caesarstone products, Supremo is appropriate for multiple applications: countertops, vanities, wall paneling, and custom-made furniture, to name a few—“as far as your imagination takes you.”

About the Manufacturer: Caesarstone has been around since 1987, which makes the manufacturer of quartz countertops a bit of an old hand where this durable and attractive alternative to granite is concerned. But it’s not only the company’s longevity that has distinguished it in the market. Their process of manufacturing slabs from a blend of ground quartz, pigments, and polymers has enabled them to create exceptionally strong and versatile countertops with a wide-ranging aesthetic: “As a result of this advanced technology, CaesarStone is able to provide improved products with unprecedented physical properties superior to those of marble, granite and other manufactured surfaces.”

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