Exciting New Designs from Zachary A.

Exciting New Designs from Zachary A.

As our favorite solution to the problems of immobile outdoor furniture, Zachary A. continues to push the envelope of lightweight furniture with the classically formidable look of stone. The company’s latest offerings are known as Bridget and Dewey.

two chairs close-in view

The Bridget and Dewey outdoor dining chairs look like stone but are light as a feather

For Bridget and Dewey, Zachary A. expanded the notion even further: “Advancing the concept of substantial but lightweight as these chairs are now even easier to handle, weighing only as much as can be lifted with a single hand.”

Dewey shown being lifted by man using the handle in back

The new chairs also aim for a symmetrical and aesthetic balance. Bridget features a feminine silhouette, with a seat like a roof ridge that effortlessly and elegantly sheds water. While Dewey is a bit more analytically minded, featuring a subtle cutout in the seat back that channels rain like a waterfall (and also serves as a nifty handle).

chair front view with water channel visible

Founded by Zac Bitner, the Chicago-based Zachary A. creates hand-casted indoor-outdoor furniture made of composite and concrete: “With a focus on the unexpected, they push the boundaries of material finish and refine age-old production techniques to be used in modern, artful furniture designs.”

Bridget and Dewey detail

Bridget and Dewey mark worthy additions to their comprehensive product offerings. All Zachary A. designs are available in an extensive palette of ten finish colors. They’re made of resin, aggregate, and fiberglass.

Zachary A. chairs

See Zachary A. to find out more.

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