Wing It with Piero Lissoni’s Oolong Chair

Wing It with Piero Lissoni’s Oolong Chair

I’m a sucker for any word with three o’s.

Oolong chair in chocolate leather from above

Not that I need another reason to admire Piero Lissoni’s Oolong wing chair for Living Divani, but this accommodating contribution from the iconic designer has a lot going for it, more even, than the embracing aura of its namesake tea.

Living Divani chairs. Three chairs in chocolate in a row.

Oolong is contoured and comfy. Living Divani was aiming for “a timeless look and measuredly organic structure,” and Lissoni gave it to them with Oolong’s expert tailoring and elegant profile.

Oolong chair in rust leather on wood floor in white room

The chair offers a sublime juxtaposition of streamlined and spacious, really an elegant piece of work for working, lounging, or somewhere in between.

Oolong chair detail, rust leather

In leather, it’s like a Mercedes Benz. In fabric, it’s as sumptuous and supple as a good night’s sleep. Either way, Oolong will help you find the balance midway between relaxed and invigorated.

Light gray chair on black background

Finishes for the base include steel with gunmetal gray and burnished painted steel. Living Divani offers hundreds of different upholstery options via their extensive color finder. For more profiles of hybrid chairs, see 3rings.

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