Italian Dinner Wallpaper by Josef Frank for Svenskt Tenn

Italian Dinner Wallpaper by Josef Frank for Svenskt Tenn

Italian Dinner wallpaper by Svenskt Tenn intertwines the artistic brilliance of Josef Frank with the culinary allure of Italy.

Italian Dinner textile

Frank's pattern draws inspiration from the sun-drenched vegetables of Italy. Designed between 1943 and 1945, Italian Dinner is a canvas alive with organic symphonies, narrating tales of both land and sea.

Italian Dinner wallpaper

The wallpaper seems to come to life with its vertical bands of verdant stems, leaves, and fruit shapes, including luscious red tomatoes, bright yellow lemons, and rich sinuous eggplants. The garden is interrupted by a horizontal stream of rich blues that secrets squid, mussels, and lobsters. Frank's Italian Dinner is a feast for both eyes and palate.

Italian Dinner textile

Swedish design brand Svenskt Tenn offers coordinating fabrics. Italian Dinner Textile comes in linen, which showcases the pattern's vibrant colors. Perfect for a maximalist dining room with matching walls and curtains dripping with design.

patterns by Josef Frank

Svenskt Tenn offers lots of patterns by Josef Frank on upholstery fabric, wallpaper, furniture, and other products.

stool by Svenskt Tenn

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