Kitchen Farming by Cult Design

Kitchen Farming by Cult Design

On show this week at the International Housewares Show in Chicago, the Kitchen Farming collection is a new product line by Swedish brand Cult Design that allows users to grow their own healthy foods indoors.

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The Kitchen Farming Collection by Cult Design allows you to grow your own produce on the kitchen counter.

The product line is made up of a selection of terracotta and ceramic pots of varying sizes and a selection of metal herb name tags for identifying plants. The plant pot designs include a self-watering Evergreen herb pot and Grow Green – a box to grow shoots and sprouts in. Perfect for use in salads, the sprouts can be grown in 3-7 days, all year round.

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About the manufacturer: Cult Design is a Swedish company that creates smart and playful objects for the home. The brand was founded in spring 2001 by Marita Lord and Magnus Tyr©n, who both have a background from BorÃ¥stapeter AB, Scandinavia’s largest wallpaper manufacturer. The Cult Design office and showroom is located in Gothenburg, in an old textile factory from the 1800s. All designs are conceived in Sweden, while most of the production takes place in China. 

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