¡Hola, Ola! Akka’s Foldable Table by Materia

I’d guess that one in every four romantic comedies has some form of the phrase “you don’t choose who you fall in love with”. There’s always a glitch. A bump in the road. Something to overcome to get to that final kiss. In gleaming white fashion – ideal for education, public spaces, and offices alike – Swedish design studio Akka designed the Ola table, a folding table whose quirky stance I’d never thought would grow on me so quickly.

Ola table. Designed by Akka. Manufactured by Materia.

White Educational Table of Fine, Folded Fashion

Soon after its debut at the Stockholm Furniture Fair of 2010, it seems that designers Petter Danielson & Oscar Ternbom of Akka got back to the drawing table and created their 2012 release of the Term folding table, which debuted at the Stockholm Furniture Fair this year. All I can think is that they were ecstatic that the well-respected, modern Swedish manufacturer Materia picked up Ola for their line,  which is currently in pre-production. Materia realized that a design worth remembering is one with a spark – even if its the imperfect leg angles that set the Ola apart.

Ola table. Designed by Akka. Manufactured by Materia.

Thanks to the mechanical folding design and those adorable legs (that remind me a of an albino Basset Hound), the Ola table uses modular configurations to hit it home. Materia says of the innovative table design suitable for education, office, and residential settings, “What is unique with Ola is that the table can be folded and unfolded without ever having to turn it upside down. This reduces wear and tear.” With the tabletop surface made from a sturdy, high-pressure laminate made of poplar plywood finished in powder-coated white with a leg frame out of extruded and die-cast aluminum, its a classy little table suitable for any form of work environment.

Ola table. Designed by Akka. Manufactured by Materia.

In it’s two-legged, square-footage-friendly structure, it is love at first white-Ola-table sight whether or not we could have anticipated it.

About the Manufacturer: Materia is a Swedish furniture manufacturer that works on behalf of public settings – like education, conference rooms, offices, etc. They are in charge of developing, manufacturing and marketing each product that becomes a part of their masterful line. Always in contemporary styling, the manufacturer focuses on the best technical attributes to bring solid, long-lasting pieces to the market time and time again.

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