Lovely Lyra offers a warm smile and a welcoming embrace.

Lyra chair by Turri front view in putty

With a base that looks like a contemporary take on the instrument of antiquity, Lyra hums a pacifying tune.

Lyra Chair by Turri angled view in mustard

The chair is spacious without being cumbersome, offering a comfy respite as well as visual relief.

Lyra chair by Turri angled view in putty

The tapered bentwood walnut base offers a pleasant contrast with the leather or fabric upholstery.

Lyra Chair by Turri rear view in putty

Lyra is a stylish and versatile chair that adapts to both residential and office, as well as to spaces that are a mix of both.

Lyra chair by turri in mustard in spacious room near white sofa with view out window of natural rock formation

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