Andreu World’s Ronda

Andreu World’s Ronda

Ronda goes round and round when you want it to. Stays perfectly still when you don’t.

three chairs in different upholstery in multi-colored upholstery

This is not so much a chair as a chair concept, or chair system, such are the many forms arising from its iconic casing, which is available in wood or upholstered thermoplastic.

Ronda in wood with four-leg base, and in thermoplastic/gray upholstery with four-star swivel base

Ronda’s exceptional versatility is writ large in its many iterations—so many that it ceases to be a single chair and becomes an entire family.

Three Rondas with colorful background in green, blue/black, and taupe

The many faces of Ronda include four-star, four-leg, sled, and rolling caster bases, offered in wood, stainless, and powder-coat steel. It can be fixed or rotating. There’s also an outdoor version. Perhaps you’ll encounter it if you happen to be near the sunny Spanish town that is its namesake.

Ronda in black three chairs with window and seaside view

I could challenge you to do the math on how many different looks thus arise, but isn’t it so much better just to admire the varied aesthetic, the multiple applications?

Sled-style chairs with colorful casing in kids library
Ronda chairs at Sushi Bar

Ronda is designed by the always elegant partnership of Lievore Altherr Molina. Find out more at Andreu World.

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