Broaden Horizons with Graham & Brown

Broaden Horizons with Graham & Brown

Wallpaper fans rejoice! Graham & Brown recently announced six new fabrics, all based on the brand’s classic wallpaper designs. Ranging from lush botanicals to ocean scenes to a rift on traditional plaid, the new looks offer a myriad of ways to treat your windows.

Aquarium fabric from Graham & Brown

This compelling “Aquarium” pattern comes in two colorways. The hypnotic Deep (above) and the brighter yet equally compelling Lush (below). With a vivid scene of tropical fish negotiating a thick, kelpy forest, this fabric brings you the dark, mysterious, and beautiful world of the oceanic depths. Its placid character makes Aquarium ideal for bathrooms.

ocean scene on wallpaper and roller shade in pleasant bathroom

“Daintree Palm” transports you from the depths of the deep to the verdant interior of a jungle-scape. “Fresh and flamboyant,” this lush fabric gives a sense of living foliage, just the thing for a quick dose of biophilia.

Daintree Palm fabric dark green with palm leaves and partial view outdoors through open window

“Restore” is a classic wallpaper conveying peace and placidity. Here in fabric form the botanical print speaks of serenity and tranquility.

Restore fabric in a medium gray with thin trees and palm fronds

Lastly the big, bold “Heritage Plaid” injects some life into a time-worn motif. Rich and dense, Heritage Plaid parlays plum into an exciting color scheme that updates a traditional pattern.

Plaid fabric in shades of purple on curtains and wallpaper

All the new fabrics are printed on 100% Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) accredited fabric, soft to handle and draped to provide the highest quality finish with a colour palette congenial to Graham & Brown’s favorite paint colours, whether it’s dark and moody, bright and fresh, or tonal neutrals.”

Roller shade with dark green fabric/foliage scene

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