Chase Away the Gray

Chase Away the Gray

It may be dreary in the London borough of Hackney, but House of Hackney is forecasting sunny skies with a collection of floral fabrics that imagine worlds of wondrous vegetation—a fantasia of beauteous blooms and inspired imagination.

House of Hackney green floral wallpaper

Flora Fantasia is a good place to start. This vivid print teems with detailed life: verdant, otherworldly forms that pay homage to a book of fantasy flowers from the 1880s.

House of Hackney yellow floral wallpaper

Hortensia is more restrained and orderly—more British, if you will—yet none the less exuberant with “hedgerow blooms reaching up towards the heavens.”

House of Hackney white floral wallpaper with window

And Compton shows that Spring has sprung. With seasonal favorites like poppies and tulips, this sunny creation inspired by a William Morris print is also a Van Gogh-esque wonderland, a teeming symphony of hyper-real proportions.

House of Hackney green floral wallpaper in bedroom

House of Hackney’s floral fabric is ideal for curtains and upholstery. Projects can be easily specified online: “just enter a few details then our craftsmen will get to work, meticulously hand-making window coverings just for you.”

House of Hackney hollyhock wallpaper

Find out more and peruse the entire line at House of Hackney.

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