Verna Vélin Signature Collection

Verna Vélin Signature Collection

From a panoply of jungle foliage to a startlingly lifelike flamingo, from an abstract take on spring rain to a modern geometric print, Verna Vélin is at the cutting-edge of embossed wallcovering technology.

Gilded leaves embossed wallcovering in café
Verna Vélin flamingo design detail

“Inspired by the rich dimensional brush strokes of dynamic paintings and the deckled
edges of handmade paper,” Vélin’s Signature collection is comprised of 300 existing patterns and custom designs.

Embossed wallcovering wavy lines design in kitchen

These designs offer an unrivaled vividness and palpable textural appeal. The embossing brings the details to life, for signature featured walls that make a statement in any venue.

Verna Vélin detail showing textured wallcovering

Verna Vélin prides themselves on their excellent customer service. Contact them about any of their standard designs as well as bespoke options.

Geometric wallcovering design with circles and half circles in pastel palette in living room

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