Japonisme Collection by Soicher Marin

Japonisme Collection by Soicher Marin

Soicher Marin takes a page from the past with the Japonisme collection. Inspired by the concept of “Kaizen” (the pursuit of perfection), these compelling designs synthesize the simplistic with the transcendent.

Japonisme  collection whitish cranes and floral forms on slate gray backdrop

The designs hearken back to the craze for Japanese art and design that dominated the west during the late 19th. century. As manifest here, these depictions of birds, boughs, and other natural phenomena take on qualities of the supernatural, such is their exquisite detail, their multi-dimensionality, their precison of color and line.

Cranes with flowers in a geometric and stylized motif.
Floral forms like blossoms on a backdrop of green with white swirling forms

The wallcoverings are made of a non-woven fiber-based material with a smooth satin finish. Soicher Marin achieves an impressive vividness and detail via “the latest digital technology to provide the highest fidelity in color, colorfastness, durability and image resolution.”

Japonisme collection of floating birdlike forms in white on a pink background

Find out more about the Japonisme collection at Soicher Marin.

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