Narbutas Says “Shhhhh”

Narbutas Says “Shhhhh”

Latvian brand Narbutas aims for “less noise, less chaos” with the Silent Room S acoustic pod, offering on-demand privacy via internal acoustic walls that reduce reverberation.

Narbutas privacy pods. One white and one natural wood. Front view and side view.

Exterior walls may be specified in melamine or upholstery. True to the sound of silence theme, the latter offers a degree of noise absorption that improves acoustics throughout the entire workspace. The pods are also engineered for low operation noise, with “fans that are just as quiet as the sound of leaves rustling.”

Silent Room interior

Nor do the pods skimp on lighting and ventilation. Silent Room pods offer a distinctive micro-climate with four fans, three LED lamps, and a smart control unit to help optimize and customize.

Silent Room pod with black exterior and yellow/light wood interior in long, open office space

Other perks include seamless step-free entry, a range of colors and materials for interior and exterior, and stand-alone or side-by-side configurations.

Two colorful side-by-side pods in open workspace

See Narbutas to find out more.

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