At NeoCon 2022: The Sound of Silence

At NeoCon 2022: The Sound of Silence

Do we still need office pods? Of course we do! Perhaps now more than ever: as we return to the office and make the occasionally awkward transition back to being around people, it’s nice to have options for a quiet place.

Hush Hybrid pod
Hush Hybrid from Hush Office

According to the Best of NeoCon 2022 judges, there are four privacy pods particularly worth noticing on this first day, starting with Acoustics & Privacy Gold Award winner MICROOFFICE REALM. This compact-yet-spacious pod from SilentLab invites in all the creature comforts. MICROOFFICE REALM features sound-absorbing sandwich construction with acoustic insulation, sound-insulating glass for doors and walls, motion-sensor lighting, and multiple options for decorative fabric.

Silent Lab pod

In spite of all its bells and whistles, Silver winner Hush Hybrid thrives on the idea of peace and quiet. Said bells and whistles include motion-sensor booth activation, adjustable lighting and airflow, comfy ergonomic seating, side LED strips for enhanced facial illumination during video conferences, a frosted glass option for greater privacy, and built-in rolling casters for easy relocation.

Hush Hybrid interior detail
The Many Features of the Hush Hybrid Office Pod

In Innovation, Acoustics & Privacy, we have Silen’s Silen Space ADA-Compliant Range.

Silen ADA-Compliant Pod
ADA-Compliant Pod by Silen

This riff on the company’s flagship Silen Space range offers ADA-compliant ingress and egress, in addition to all the hallmarks of this award-winning collection, including integrated air circulation, 220 V floor sockets, USB outlets, and an option for wheels for relocation, not to mention a slick, space-age design with endless customization options.

Silen Space pods in open office
Additional Options in the Silen Space Range

In Sustainability, Acoustics & Privacy, Zitto by Muraflex prioritizes reuse and recycle. Beginning with the pods’ high percentage of the recyclable materials of glass and aluminum, Zitto employs state-of-the-art production processes in sourcing, manufacturing, waste production, and shipping. The result is an elegant office pod with a slim profile and superior acoustics that easily adapts to any office plan.

Muraflex Zitto
Zitto by Muraflex, winner in Sustainability, Acoustics & Privacy

Read more about these award-winning pods at Muraflex, Silen, Hush Office, and Silent Lab.

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