Find Balance with Poppin Pods

Find Balance with Poppin Pods

Poppin, a division of Kimball International, offers a suite of diverse privacy solutions with PoppinPod Kolo and PoppinPod Om.

Kolo pods in white, two pods with freestanding table between them in open office with orange chairs and low table in foreground

PoppinPod Kolo offers comfortable privacy for up to six people.

The former is the “latest and greatest innovation in phone booths.” Offering a contained and flexible space for larger groups, PoppinPod Kolo facilitates face-to-face collaborations as well as focused group work. Among the multiple sizes of PoppinPod Kolo is also an ADA-compliant model.

Kolo pod with black trim and Om pod with black trim side by side with woman in wheelchair in foreground

The smaller PoppinPod Om offers instant peace for individuals looking for a quiet respite. With both sit and stand versions, PoppinPod Om is ideal for private moments and focused concentration, quick calls, or just to take a personal time out.

Om double pods one for sitting and one for standing, white trim, in open office

All of Poppin’s privacy pods offer integrated power/data, personalized lighting, and soothing ventilation. They’re also designed for easy relocation—a single person can transport them hither and thither.

PoppinPod Om being pushed across the floor by a woman

Lastly, perhaps the most important attribute of PoppinPods is their anti-eavesdrop design. This technology reduces speech intelligibility and dampens sound, assuring confidentiality for private conversations.

Om pods three in a row with white trim and people inside working or talking

Read more at Kimball International.

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