Hungry Frog Lamp by Qeeboo

Hungry Frog Lamp by Qeeboo

Qeeboo, the Italian brand known for its fun conceptual objects, has released a new table/wall light for 2023: Hungry Frog Lamp.

hungry frog lamps

Designed by Marcantonio, who is admittedly devoted to irony and fun, Hungry Frog Lamp seems as if it swallowed the bulb that lights itself up from within. A string coming from the frog’s mouth includes an integrated switch.

green frog light

Hungry Frog Lamp changes its species depending on its color. In Emerald, it resembles the American green tree frog. The Sapphire version pays homage to the blue poison dart frog of Brazil and Suriname. In Amber, Hungry Frog Lamp imitates the coloration of the golden poison frog.

amber frog light

The lamp is also available in Topaz and Opal, which features a contrasting red cord/tongue.

blue frog lamp

A little conversation piece for the global-inspired living room or nature-lover’s library, Hungry Frog Lamp is also perfect for amphibian lovers of every age.

opal hungry frog lamp

For more by Qeeboo, see their Monster Carpets.

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