Check Out Highline by RBW

Check Out Highline by RBW

High road, high line, higher love, high life.

Two fixtures with four spotlights on one and conical shade on the other in reception area

If English idioms are any indication, “higher” equates to “better.” Such is the claim of RBW’s Highline.

Detail with three Cone fixtures

Designed in collaboration with Jonas Damon, whose approach to design is characterized by “optimism and a sense of human engagement,” Highline is a veritable “shade shifter,” a re-contextualization of track lighting that adds in an intuitive sense of functionality, user participation, and fun.

Highline Detail with two spotlights

Featuring horizontal beams that incorporate three varieties of light, Highline beckons with the temptation to mix, match, and reconfigure. Users can easily swap out fixtures without tools.

Felt shade fixtures above conference table in work setting

Damon expands on the idea, referencing the intuitive nature and tactile appeal of the simple L-shaped attachments: “To me, designing something so that the intent is made visible is creating an act of play in our environment; it’s exposing a technical feature and celebrating what it does.”

Detail felt shade and spotlight

Highline’s central beam features chamfered edges and a black anodized finish. Fixture options include the cone pendant, dual-axis swivel spotlight, and felt shade made with 90% post-consumer fibers. Read more at RBW.

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