Seek Out a Cellular Lamp: The Modern Pendant by Andreas Hopf and Axel Nordin

Industrial design has never been just for the creative or visionary. To be honest, everyone admires design to a certain extent, regardless of their strengths or profession since it can be based on a number of things – like need, inspiration, or even mathematical and scientific theories. Andreas Hopf and Axel Nordin created a pendant lamp that can be modified which applies “natural-mathematical morphologies” called the Cellular Lamp.

Modern Pendant. Designed by Andreas Hopf and Axel Nordin.

Create A Modern Lamp Out of the Cellular Structure by Andreas Hopf and Axel Nordin.

Made to be a “user-customizable” sort of lamp, it reminds me of the first time I heard the words “user-friendly”. Although the lamp refers more to its appearance and size which changes to the exacting preference of the illuminated user, its final product might feel as friendly as a Macbook. Using hinged sections than can come together, combining to form a larger lamp, they can also be split apart easily to decrease the size of the mathematically morphed lamp.

Seek Out a Cellular Lamp: The Modern Pendant by Andreas Hopf and Axel Nordin

Not unlike the design duo’s Cellular Table which combined “user parameters” into “genetic algorithms” – meaning their contour shapes and heights, for instance – the Cellular Lamp was developed using the same idea. Their mentality on design is one that hopes to “empower designers to discover” based on real world functionality or production constraints.

Most of Hopf and Nordin’s design behavior stems from their industrial design backgrounds at Lund University School of Industrial Design. As part of a series of cellular furniture, the Cellular Lamp by Hopf and Nordin was exhibited at the 2010 DMY Design Festival with support from Vinnova Sweden.

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