THIN & Axis X from Juniper

THIN & Axis X from Juniper

Custom design is the name of the game with Juniper, the design and manufacturing studio dedicated to producing thoughtful, refined, and meticulously crafted lighting.

THIN Lighting from Juniper

Juniper believes “form and function are inextricable” and the beauty of their designs “lies in the innovation and details just below the surface,” so it won’t be hard to believe us when we say Juniper’s Modular Lighting Systems aren’t anything close to the gray-colored fluorescent lighting that was in the ceiling of your elementary school.

Brass elements from Juniper lighting system

Take for instance Juniper’s THIN Modular Lighting System. Here, old-world metal finishing meets new world technology. THIN’s precision-machined solid brass seems like it’s from a different era, but with its ultra-high LEDs and ultra-low dimming power, THIN clearly belongs in the here and now.  

Macro of Juniper lighting

The solid brass makes for easy maintenance, enduring quality, and warmth. It also means the THIN Modular Lighting System is a minimal and sophisticated solution for homes, offices, or hotels. We can imagine it shining in so many places.

Bar setup featuring THIN Lighting from Juniper

But we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet, that yes, it’s completely customizable. THIN has a simple snap-in system that makes it feel like you’re playing elegantly inspired lighting LEGOs. Connect. Rotate. Make your own geometric lighting design!

Geometric lighting from Juniper

Axis X Vertical Suspension from Juniper’s Axis series is another well-designed lighting option. This linear pendant showcases four channels of light, drawing inspiration from extruded angles, channels, and tees that were front and center during the 19th century industrial movement. The Axis X is made of faceted acrylic lenses which diffuse calming ambient light.

Axis X from Juniper

This linear pendant is an individualized statement piece. Find it its own spot and it will shine brightly. But the Axis X also makes a visual declaration if you were to, say, style it in a cluster or as a periodic complement to an extravagant lobby or a grand staircase.

Axis X in situ alongside staircase

Visit Juniper’s newly built NYC showroom or find more of their lighting systems on their website.

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