Brentano Offers New Faux Leather for Spring

Brentano Offers New Faux Leather for Spring

Manufacturer Brentano is expanding their collection of eco-friendly, functional fibers with two new faux-leather lines: Splint and Komodo.

Splint and Komodo Add Shine to Brentano's Line

Brentano Offers New Faux Leather for Spring

The six colorways of Splint offer myriad interpretations of this polyurethane-based fabric, whose signature quality is a series of lean striations with a unique metallic sheen. Evoking the innately appealing texture of wood grains or tree bark, Splint conveys "an illusion of delicacy," much belied by the product's resiliency-its solvent resistant, antibacterial, and bleach-cleanable properties help it stand up to the demands of wellness, hospitality, and retail installations.

Komodo, for its part, will doubtless appeal to aficionados of midnight b-movies, as this embossed polyurethane fabric evokes the "fantasy leather of a giant lizard." Beyond its resemblance to the hide of Godzilla, Komodo sports a litany of chameleon-esque colors-10 to be exact, from earthbound neutrals like sand, sandalwood, and cashew to the fantastical tones of teal and apricot.

For specifiying information, contact Brentano at 847-657-8481.

About the Manufacturer: Brentano offers a range of commercial and residential textiles that balance beauty and performance, including panel and upholstery fabric, sheers, and drapery. In addition to its own line of environmentally friendly fabrics (Brentano Green), Brentano also manufactures Crypton, Nano-Tex, and GreenShield Fabrics, as well as fire-resistant, bleach-cleanable, outdoor, and antimicrobial textiles.

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