Molo Softwall Aluminum Textile

Molo Softwall Aluminum Textile

Designed by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen, Molo Softwall is a versatile division system with a unique honeycomb structure. Made of recyclable paper or non-woven textile materials, the unique construction allows the material to expand, flex, and compress. The concept offers space division in a variety of configurations, “empowering individuals to redesign and shape their surroundings with spontaneous ease.”

Softwall detail with hand

The latest addition to the collection is an innovative micro-coated aluminum textile that creates the impression of pliable metal.

Aluminum textile space division and benches with man walking

The aluminum textile also offers a unique aesthetic, as the metallic filaments make for an intriguing interplay with light. When backlit, it creates an impression of an illuminated movie screen, at that wonderful moment before the curtain is drawn.

Softwall display with barefoot woman

In dimmer light, the aluminum textile offers an aura of mystery.

Molo Softwall in dim environment with privacy-style booths and cloud lights

And in natural light the diffuse reflective quality is in full relief, “subtly echoing the shifting color of the sunlight through the seasons.”

Aluminum textile seating and wall division with woman, view from above

Softwall is a comprehensive collection that includes seating. The aluminum textile is available for benches and flexible space dividers. Find out more at Molo.

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