Tassel Pendant by Apparatus

Tassel Pendant by Apparatus

A fair description for the Tassel Pendant by Apparatus Studio might be something like, “chandelier, condensed.”

Tassel in cluster of three with silver dome

In fact, that’s how the very same brand describes this innovative contemporary light: “condensing the warmth and decadence of a traditional chandelier to a concise, modern conclusion.”

detail of glass cylinders in a designer chandelier

Up close, Tassel has a futuristic, sci-fi feel. The mold-blown cylinders look like incandescent test tube beakers, hatching up something beyond mere plans.

Glass cylinder pendant light: three individual

But that sinister aspect is belied by its warm, contained glow and elegant brass dome.

Tassel light with black dome above table

Finish options for Tassel include aged brass, black brass, and tarnished silver. It’s also available as a sconce.

Sconce with black brass dome and three cylinder lights

Find out more at Apparatus Studio.

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