Discover Lightness with the Wings Pendant

Discover Lightness with the Wings Pendant

Acuity brands and A-Light invite you to “glide past the norm” with Wings, a new lighting concept that promises even illumination and reduced climate costs.

Wings view of top of fixture with perforated fabric

With the slick silhouette of an airplane wing, Wings offers a compelling, streamlined aesthetic. But beyond the contemporary look, the pendant exemplifies sustainable materials and mindful distribution.

Wings light above conference table

The shade is made of a proprietary fabric—a lightweight material stretched taut over the light source for even distribution of appealing ambient light.

detail of fabric shade on pendant light

This innovative feature renders Wings 60% lighter than a conventional four-foot pendant. Not only that, but Wings collapses for shipping, stacking nice and flat and thus reducing shipping costs by as much as 66%.

Wings in flattened position for shipping

Indeed, part and parcel of the Wings’ concept is to enter the circular economy, conserving resources and reducing waste. Just so, Wings materials are 100% recyclable. The pendant is also Declare-label listed, identifying components as red-list free.

Many pendant lights in two rows in sunny library

All of that only adds to the appeal of this smart, svelte light: “offering efficient ambient direct illumination, reduced shadows, and an indirect batwing distribution for exceptional ceiling uniformity.”

Wings luminaires in open office

Read more at A-Light.

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