Quietude Improves the Patient Experience

Quietude Improves the Patient Experience

Carnegie Fabrics offers hospitals and wellness centers a palpable option for enhancing quietude.

Privacy curtains in grey/white with subtle dotted pattern next to plant in blue vase

So named for its subtle textures and patterns that evoke nature, Quietude is a bleach-cleanable textile collection that meets stringent hygiene requirements while introducing some much-needed biophilia.

Carnegie Quietude swatches in different patterns with blues, gray, whites

Ideal for any venue that prizes serenity and calm, the new privacy curtains are great for spas, wellness centers, and retreats, but especially suited to hospitals.

Privacy curtains in gray/beige with subtle line pattern near basket of oranges

All Quietude fabrics may be washed in ultra-hot water (up to 160 degrees), a proven protocol for eliminating the most resilient pathogens, like Staphylococcus. Thus, in addition to cultivating the kind of pacifying environment that’s proven to enhance healing, Quietude provides caregivers and patients with an extra degree of protection.

Quietude swatches in a variety of colors

Styles include Chime, Hush, and Solace, evoking, respectively, soothing wind chimes, the tranquil flow of a waterfall, and the relaxed ethos of a simple stripe.

Quietude mood board

See 3rings for more patient-centric privacy curtains.

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