Drip and Drop by Knoll Textiles

Drip and Drop by Knoll Textiles

Recently, I visited Children's Hospital in Denver, which takes great advantage of designer healthcare fabrics and furniture. The space is beautiful, colorful, unique, fun-and practical. Knoll Textiles also realizes the value of beauty in healthcare settings. The company's vinyl wallcoverings, including Drip and Drop, combine high performance and unexpected style.


Designed by Abbott Miller, Drip and Drop use "the liquid movement of ink as a point of departure." Drip features expressionistic letters dripping in color. The pattern comes in seven colorways, including bright hues like Punch (orange) and Tonic (purple), cool colors like Gin (blue), and sophisticated neutrals like Mercury (black) and Ice (gray).


Drop depicts dots of color with nebulous edges, as if ink has spread on thirsty paper. The pattern’s six colors combine well with Drip. In Blueberry, Drop resembles rain. Pepper looks like drops of liquid mercury and Orange looks like bubbles of carbonated soda. In any color, Drop is effervescent and lively.



See other healthcare wallcoverings at www.knoll.com.

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