nanimarquina Textiles to Help Feel Well

nanimarquina Textiles to Help Feel Well

The Wellbeing collection from Ilse Crawford and nanimarquina marks a return to the elemental pleasures of raw material.

Nani Marquina and Ilse Crawford in workshop with Wellbeing textiles

Comprised of two kinds of rugs, a wall tapestry, a throw rug, two cushions, and an indoor hammock, Wellbeing fulfills the aspirations of its name by putting us in touch with unaltered textiles: Afghan wool, nettle, jute, linen, Tussar silk, cork, wood, raw wool, and raw cotton—all locally sourced and hand-spun, dye- and bleach-free.

Nanimarquina Wellbeing textiles wool chobi rug and cushion

Such purity was hard won. Crawford and nanimarquina began searching for sustainable fibers and working with local artisans more than two years ago: “a deep investigation process with a wide variety of materials, leading to a conscious, human-centric, and beautiful outcome.”

Nanimarquina Wellbeing textiles hammock detail

The textiles are indeed a sight to behold and doubtless a pleasure to touch. The tactility of these natural fibers creates an authentic sensorial experience—a pleasure enhanced by their beauty, sustainability, and inherent support of local economies.

Nanimarquina Wellbeing textiles wool chobi and nettle dhurire rugs

Find out more at nanimarquina.

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