At supersalone: Tuttuno by Guglielmi

At supersalone: Tuttuno by Guglielmi

Italian brand Guglielmi has the cure for what ails you, and they’re debuting it during Milan Design Week at the satellite Fuorisalone.

Tuttono Faucet still, sparkling, and off

So what is it that ails you? The same thing that ails all of us: plastic waste. Guglielmi points out that about 340 million tons of it is produced each year. Further, only one in four PET bottles is recycled, and one to three percent of each year’s plastic tally ends up dumped in the sea.

Tuttono faucet with arm dispensing water into carafe

Tuttuno, from the Pura Collection, offers a corrective. This is an innovative kitchen mixer that blends streamlined Italian design with microfiltration technology.

Tuttono faucet still

Tuttuno gets water out of plastic and puts it within your reach. The tap uses an integrated carbon filter that reduces chlorine, organic compounds, and water hardness—clarifying drinking water, enhancing its taste, and making it healthier. It also offers convenience and choice. Users may select from still, still cold, boiling, and sparkling.

Tuttono faucet with carafe of sparkling, carafe of still, and shot of espresso

The manufacturer has collaborated with designer Alessandro Zambelli to showcase Tuttuno at Milan Design Week (in the cortile d’onore at the Universita Statale di Milano). The display features an impressive monolith of steel with an assortment of perforations on four sides to give a tantalizing taste of what’s inside, which is, of course, a Tuttuno faucet primed to dispense crystalline water to thirsty fair-goers—both still and sparkling.

Tuttono faucet Alessandro Zambelli installation tall metal structure with square perforations in Milan's court of honor

Find out more at Guglielmi.

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