Dorothea Exhibits Comely Curves and Comfy Confines

Dorothea Exhibits Comely Curves and Comfy Confines

Inspired by the compelling appearance and unorthodox growing habit of the Southern African succulent Lithops, also known as “living stones,” La Cividina’s Dorothea displays an unconventional organic aspect.

Dorothea in dark gray

La Cividina’s Dorothea offers sharp lines and soft volumes

With a planar, asymmetrical seat and sculptural backrest, the new modular line exhibits a fluidity and unpredictability unique to living organisms: “Just as in nature, the individual elements come together spontaneously and, following their curves, evolve into groups that take full advantage of the space.”

Overhead view of modular sofa in light gray

In addition to the asynchronous nature and varied sizes of the modular elements, Dorothea also features a novel supporting structure. A simple platform that’s slightly recessed, Dorothea’s frame is notable for being practically invisible, creating a “floating lightness” that gives Dorothea an ethereal aspect.

Dorothea in La Cividina showroom, in indigo blue

Overhead view of modular sofa in dark gray

Dorothea’s versatile modularity makes it suitable for both public and residential venues: “back-to-back configurations create spacious and intelligent seating solutions; in private areas, the elements arranged as armchairs or sofas offer personality and authentic comfort.”

Light gray sofa in mirrored room

See La Cividina for further details. And visit 3rings for more innovative modular seating.

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