Privé for a Private Respite

Privé for a Private Respite

Let me say one thing: I wish I had a Privé in my house.

Privé pods phone booth style two

Designed by Krzysztof Miksza for IOC project partners, Privé is a privacy pod concept that would do wonders for the work-at-home challenges of barking dogs or bothersome family.

Large office pod with standing work surface

While this is a tempting option, Privé is actually targeted for the workplace, for moments that require focused concentration or intimate collaboration.

Open office with several different styles of office pod, single and multi-person

These modules will definitely allow you to shut out the world in style. Privé pods and booths offer an elegant, well-lit space with filtered air and premium finishes to boot.

Privé pod multi-person interior view with inset image of other interior of pod

The glass-walled mini rooms offer a paint-able aluminum exterior for a design-forward look that can also be customized to brand standards. Interior finishes include melamine, wood, and fabric.

Woman inside pod looking out window at space with other pods

Though Privé may not actually fit in my house, the phone booth units are exceptionally portable: a hidden wheel system lets users tip them on end for quick relocation.

side by side phone booth pods surrounded by designer lounge chairs

A great addition for the varying demands of today’s eclectic workspaces, the modular and customizable Privé is “the answer whenever privacy is required, be it visual or acoustic, making it possible to create the optimal working conditions.”

Large Privé pod linked to open pod with wood beams overhead

Check out IOC project partners for more details. And go to 3rings for further explorations of the brave new world of privacy pods.

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