The Undulating Aura Light and Sound Suites Project by bluarch

Leave it to a master planning, lighting and architectural designer - bluarch architecture + interiors + lighting founder Antonio Di Oronzo - to create swirling lights using mesh screens, tiny colorful LED lights and chromed panels that create a ceiling movement like waves of a windswept ocean. His work goes from inventive product design into architectural interior manipulation in the Long Island, NY space called Aura Light and Sound Suites.

Aura Light and Sound Suites. Designed by Antonio Di Oronzo. Manufactured by bluarch

Bluarch Created the Custom Lighting Design for the Ceiling Space Above the Nightclub and Event Center Below.

As the principal of bluarch, Di Oronzo is no newbie to creating fabulous spaces around the world. With a background in working in Rome that shifted to his New York City base in 1997, the architect, product designer and master planner's idea with the Long Island event and nightclub space was to indulge the senses with innovative lighting and the cleanest sound possible.

The Undulating Aura Light and Sound Suites Project by bluarch

"The venue is conceived as a vibrating space that is as fluid and mobile as light and sound, interfering in ripples, waves, swells," writes bluarch Aura. "Beyond the innermost winding surface is an arrangement of undulating chromed panels and LED mesh screens playing and amplifying video signals."

The Undulating Aura Light and Sound Suites Project by bluarch

The sleek ceiling illumination by bluarch architecture + interiors + lighting comes in a colorful array of tiny lights that lift the attention of the space upward, adorning the loftiest area of the space to create both height and depth.

About the Designer: Rome, Italy-born and New York City-based founding designer of bluarch architecture + interiors + lighting, Antonio Di Oronzo, started company in 2004. As both a Doctor of Architecture from the University of Rome "La Sapienza" and holding a Master's degree in Urban Planning from City College of New York, Di Oronzo is a recognized creator of the built environment, product design and master planning projects.

Posted December 22, 2011 by Sonja Hall

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