Summer Light Shines on Nordic

Summer Light Shines on Nordic

For those who associate the Scandinavian countries with winter, Source International has a different take.

Source International chairs and sofa in open room beneath window

The Sutton, Massachusetts-based company has chosen the peak of summer for the debut of Nordic, a streamlined three-seater that evokes Scandinavian style.

Nordic yellow chairs and partial view of slate gray sofa

The company is known for providing elite design at an entry-level price point: Nordic typifies this best-of-both-worlds combination.

Nordic three-seater in yellow in room with large steel beams and posts

And even though it’s affordable, Nordic is the real deal. Designers Anders Berg and Steinar Hindeness are a Norway-based duo with an impressive roster of minimalist, environmentally friendly furnishings.

Nordic armchairs in white around small table

In addition to the lounge, Nordic is available as a chair and loveseat. All three styles are offered with or without arms.

chair, loveseat, and three-seater sofa

Other options include eight subdued metal finishes and an additional eight vibrant powder-coated colors.

Nordic red armchair

Find out more at Source International.

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