Leland’s Beach Stones Seating

Leland’s Beach Stones Seating

Leland invites you to take a stroll through the pleasing environment of Beach Stones, a soft seating line with a curvy, organic aspect that lends itself to a variety of configurations.

Beach Stones chairs with ottoman in foreground

The various components put me in mind of those friendly goblin-rock hybrids from the film Frozen. All smiles and soft edges, Beach Stones is inviting in a casual, impromptu way that begets comfort of the physical as well as emotional varieties.

Beach Stones in outdoor café seating in blue and green chairs

Another perk here is the collection’s cohesion. Subtly blurring the lines between chair, armchair, and ottoman, Beach Stones defies categorization and invites user exploration: “freeform shapes with various arm and back configurations make them a prominent soft-seating and informal furniture solution.”

Ottoman detail in gray

The latest iteration features clever retracting casters. Making the pieces easy to move, the casters are safely hidden away during use, which not only forestalls unwanted rolling on resilient floors, but also maintains Beach Stones’ seamless floating aesthetic.

Beach Stones  teal colored chair with retractable rolling casters

The collection includes eight different pieces: chairs of various heights with or without arms, ottomans, and coordinating tables—all available in your choice of colorful upholstery.

Two chairs, tables, and ottoman in classroom

Learn more at Leland.

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