BDNY Wrap-Up: Tambour Panels by Surfacing Solution

BDNY Wrap-Up: Tambour Panels by Surfacing Solution

From the French for drum, “tambour” is a method of attaching wooden slats together with thin, flexible fabric, as in a roll-top desk. The term also refers to flexible wood paneling—vertically oriented slats with just a bit of play between them.

tambour panels on wall behind curved staircase and fancy piano

Conquer Corners with Surfacing Solution’s Tambour Panels

The technique, which has been refined to an art by manufacturer Surfacing Solution, makes for a versatile product that looks slick and seamless on flat surfaces, but also rounds corners with ease, for a unique aesthetic achieved with easy installation.

Surfacing Solution panels on bar in dark wood with modern vibe
tambour panels in medium-toned wood on wall and ceiling of bedroom with glimpse of bathroom in background

Surfacing Solution’s solid wood tambour panels can be stained or painted. Woods include red oak, white oak, poplar, mahogany, cherry, ash, maple, and walnut, as well as rare specialty woods like purple heart and heat-treated ash. The standard profile is 1′ x 8′ or 1′ x 3′ length and 12″ or 16″ width. Custom profiles are available too.

Surfacing Solution panels in a parquet style on wall of stairwell near elevator
tambour panels on wall of light, airy bedroom behind bed

Find out more at Surfacing Solution. And visit 3rings to check out other innovative wood panels.

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