New Window Covering Fabrics from Carnegie

New Window Covering Fabrics from Carnegie

Manufacturer Carnegie has teamed up with Création Baumann on a new collection of indoor/outdoor textiles: “technical, functional fabrics that are perfect for sunny outdoor spaces, indoor places where light needs to be blocked, and everything in between.”

window fabric detail of gray fabric with black threads

The collaboration is hardly new. Carnegie has been working with the Swiss brand for nearly half a century. The two entities have always aligned in their use of the highest quality raw materials and focus on sustainability.

Window fabric detail charcoal color with intricate stitching

The new fabrics offer low flammability and high resistance to UV exposure, making them especially suitable for outdoor use, though the light, breezy, beautiful aesthetic makes them desirable for indoor applications too.

Carnegie and Création Baumann white drapery in open room

Standouts of the nine new fabrics include (in order, below) Manhattan, an elegant grid construction that evokes the mise-en-scene of the city; Outdoor Denver, a semi-transparent, flame-retardant yarn that resembles fine linen; and Relax, made of a decorative weft yarn with an especially light and airy feel.

Detail of Manhattan fabric with grid pattern white textile
Window fabric flowing and transparent in light brown with veranda visible beyond
Green Relax fabric blowing in breeze on built-in bench

See Carnegie Fabrics to find out more.

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